Purpose of Every One Grows
Making it easier to grow vegetable and herb plants in open fields, raised beds, pots or hydroponically.

We Offer To Help
If you do or do not have soil, do not have a garden, or have not selected a growing method, we will build for you a French raised bed of 30 inches by 20 feet. If you have a lava rock base you have several options, including a raised bed. Click here for raised bed building and growing information.

Easy Green Trays are 11” X 22” and have approximately 128 plants, 10 to 21 days old, each in its own individual cell. Each tray has 12 to 16 varieties of vegetable and herb plants, and is available for only $16. Easy Green Trays help you to:

  • save money
  • achieve consistent results
  • enjoy a broad variety of food combinations
  • grow and expand a sustainable organic system
  • use less natural, foreign and processed resources

See Plant Variety Selection for a list of products.